ECIC 9 - Cluj Napoca (Kolozsvár), Romania

"Open Content for Open Society" - the ninth conference

9th European Christian Internet Conference was held in Cluj (Hung. Kolozsvár, Germ. Klausenburg), Romania. Cluj is located in Transylvania, the northwest part of Romania.


The conference was hosted by Transylvanian Reformed Church District and was held in Bethlen Kata Diaconical Centre. The city and Diaconical Centre offered excellent facilities for ECIC IX.

The city of Cluj is located in the heart of Transylvania at approximately 400m above sea level and is the fourth largest city in Romania. Its nearly 400,000 inhabitants engage in a wide range of activities, making Cluj a successful business centre as well as a cultural one. Many Romanian and international banks operate in the city, making Cluj the second most important financial centre in Romania.

The city of Cluj is a renowned educational centre, preparing specialists in a wide array of fields of activity. Students and professors have access to the resources of the Central University Library, one of the largest university libraries in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as to several cultural centres and international libraries.

English, French and Italian are widely spoken. The official language is Romanian. Hungarian and German are also used by native speakers as well as non-native speakers. Cluj has two Opera Houses and theatres, both Romanian and Hungarian. Cluj hosts many museums, including an open-air museum of traditional arts and crafts worth visiting in any season.

The ECIC book was published during the conference. For it Mr Ralf Peter Reimann and Mr Barry Hudd edited punch of papers and lectures from previous conferences. This was a great, historical and meaningfull work for the hole network.

The new constitution was approved during the annual meeting.