19th of May: ECIC #26 2022: Digital conference

Welcome to the annual ECIC-conference!

A Special Year #2

This year, just as last year, we aim for a digital first and only conference in the afternoon (CET). We believe this will be the best way to keep the network going, get inspiration and give energy while we await the physical conference's comeback in 2023!

The aim for this years conference is to really highlight the network-part of ECIC, through social interactions and story sharing. That is why this years ECIC will be fully shaped by you and what you wish to share from your work or to discuss with others.

The format for this years story sharing is:

You get up to 20 minutes to share and open for a discussion on the subject. Your topic may something you've done or researched and the main part can be your talk, with time for a few clarifying questions. Or you can on the other hand instead open by posing a question you have, and give some context to it. And then have an open discussion with us all around it. Or anything in between those examples.

We will have the annual meeting as usual, which is crucial in the life of ECIC since we are a membership organization.


Make sure to register to get your place in this years ECIC-conference!

You can find the registration form here.

There will be no fee for membership this year, since the conference is so much shorter this year.

ECIC 2022: Annual meeting (19th of May)

Meeting date and time: 19th May 15:00 / 3 PM (CET)

Where: Online

The ECIC annual meeting 2022 agenda

1. The meeting opens.

2. Election of meeting chair, secretary, two minutes adjusters and, if necessary, two voters.

3. The legality and decision-making of the meeting is noted.

4. The agenda for the meeting is approved.

5. Financial statements, annual report and the opinion of the business auditors / auditors are presented.

6. Decision is made on the adoption of financial statements and discharge of the Board of Directors and other responsible persons.

7. The business plan, budget and the size of the joining and membership fees are set.

8. Election of the Chairperson of the Board and other members of the Board.

9. Election of one or two business auditors and their alternate / their alternates or an auditor or two auditors and their alternate / their alternates.

10. Other matters specified in the notice of meeting.


Topic: The ECIC annual meeting 2022 
Time: May 19, 2022 03:00 PM Warsaw

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Meeting ID : 916 7574 0997
Passcode: 213029