Programme ECIC 20

Let us play - Gamification, Storytelling and Faith          

Gamification as a tool for storytelling and contributing to the community as part of our history and the game industry.

9-12 June 2015


Details are subject to change.

  Tuesday, 9 June
 15:00  Registration, coffee and networking at the conference hotel sofia
 16:00  Opening Worship
 16:45  Welcome and introductions
 17:15  Opening Keynote: Jyrki Kasvi (
 18:15  Reflection by Eveliina Ojala
 19:30  Dinner
20:00 - 22:00 Sauna open


  Wednesday, 10 June (open to local 1-day participants)
 8:00  Breakfast
 9:00  Morning prayer (Chapel)
 9:30  Keynote: Jukka Koskenkanto (Cloudriven): "gamification to engage people in communities"
 10:45  coffee break
 11:15  Tell your story: Developing and Launching a Common Parish Web Site in Finland; How to go on a Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace online?; Mediating Kaj Munk – giving new life to a dead priest!
 12:00  Tell your story : A Facebook Bishop: The Background Story; Gamifying the confirmation class – evaluation after a first year; The game "Martin Luther's adventure"
 12:30  Lunch
 14:00  Keynote: Storytelling, Mervi Rauhala (
"Power of story - navigating in the new media landscape"
 15:15  Coffee break
 15:45  Tell your story : Bishop in Social Media; The Internet and the Catholic Church: the case of Italian parishes; How to engage your congregation with intelligence and efficient communication
 16:30  Tell your story : Fisucraft - the Church's Minecraft Server; Electronic candles connect the digital and the physical worlds; Telling Gospel Narratives as Multi Media Stories
 17:30  Reflection by Eveliina Ojala
 19:00  Dinner
 20:00-21:30  Woman-Sauna by the beach
 21:30 - 23:00  Man-Sauna by the beach
CloudrivenTell your story:


  Thursday, 11 June (excursion)
 7:30  Breakfast
 8:15  Bus Departure for Excursion in Helsinki
 9:00  Angry Birds / Rovio and Aalto Design Factory (
 11:15  Coffee / Office of the Church Council
 11:30  Prayer
 11:45  Annual meeting
 12:30  Lunch

Panel discussion: Games and Ethics

 14:45 Free time in the town
 18:30 Festive dinner on a boat
 21:45 Bus back to Sofia 


  Friday, 12 June
 8:00  Breakfast
 9:00  Morning prayer
 9:30 Panel discussion: Games and Youth
 10:30 Coffee break
 11:00 Reflection by Eveliina Ojala
 12:00  Journey blessing
 12:30  Lunch

Tell-your-story sessions

These sessions comprise a series of presentations from ECIC members detailing innovations, developments and web strategies. This year there will be 30 minutes for each presentation including discussion.


The evenings will allow opportunities to continue networking – Finnish style!