2016 in Gothenburg / Göteborg

The next ECIC will take in Gothenburg, Sweden from 31 May - 3 June 2016.


Registration has ended on 15 April! If you want to attend, please contact info@ecic.org


Between Angels and Trolls - a web of emotions

Marketing clips, viral videos, cat-content, Youtube and Instagram celebrities, racist comments - the web is full of emotions. Strong emotions strengthen an experience and connect us to others as well as our on-line and the off-line realities. It's important to find ways to express quiet and more hidden emotions so that complexity of human life can be present in every social sphere of communication. Without emotions there is no real digital experience.

Does the web provide new possibilities for change, democracy, transparency and relationship?  Is the web also creating a culture of voyeurism and angry reactionaries? How can we create emotional content? How can we challenge the dark side of anonymity, and as Christians stand up against it? What consequences will this have and how can the Church benefit from communicating emotionally? How can we face these challenges creatively?

Questions such as these will be discussed during ECIC 21. Come, be part of the conversation!