2015 in Helsinki

The next European Christian Internet Conference will take place 9-12 June 2015 at the conference hotel sofia in Helsinki. Website of the venue: www.sofia.fi

Registration is now open and will close an 1 May!

The topic of ECIC 20 will be:

Let us play - Gamification, Storytelling and Faith        
Gamification as a tool for storytelling and contributing to the community as part of our history and the game industry.

It will be an opportunity to learn, bounce ideas, meet potential cooperation partners, and spend time with peers from across Europe that will give you inspiration and motivation for the whole year!

Register by 20 March to benefit from the early registration fee of 430 €! But first, be sure  to read the conference information .

Why should you attend the next ECIC?
With ECIC 2015 taking place in and near Helsinki, Finland, (home of Angry Birds!)  We will take the opportunity to delve into the culture of gamification, discover something of the challenges, how we might learn from them and bring something of these lessons into our own Christian community.