Programme ECIC 23

Christian community in an automated world

7 - 10 May 2018

Details are subject to change.

Monday, May 7th

14:00  Registration, coffee and networking at the venue
15:00  Opening Prayer
16:00  Welcome and introductions

 Opening Keynote:  Rev. Dr Pete Phillips (CODEC)
'Bots for Jesus: Using bots to connect with seekers and members'.

19:00  Dinner

Tuesday, May 8th (open to local 1-day participants)

07:00 Breakfast
09:00  Morning prayer
09:30  Keynote: Bertie Bosredon (Charity Blockchain)

'Blockchain; what it is, what it is not, and how it may be used in the not-for-profit sector to improve reporting, transparency, increase trust and fundraising.'

10:30  Coffee break
11:00  Workshop led by Bertie Bosredon
14:30  Tell your story 1/2
15:00  Tell your story 3/4

 Coffee break

16:00  Tell your story 5/6
16:30  Tell your story 7/8
17:00  Reflection
17:30  Introduction to new ECIC website
19:00  Dinner

Wednesday, May 9th

07:00 Breakfast
09:00  Morning prayer
09:30  Keynote: Tallie Proud (Church of England Digital)
'Reaching the Church Digitally
Tallie Proud from the Church of England will be sharing the different ways the Church of England are reaching people through digital channels, with a particular focus on CofE Digital Labs as a case study, an event for Christian digital creatives. This will include the purpose, outcomes and how to run a similar event using the Google Sprint process." (The winner of the CofE Digital Labs was an automation app; a Churchbot)'
10:30  Coffee break
11:00  Workshop led by Tallie Proud
12:00   Annual meeting
12:30   Reflection

Visit in London
Free time

Thursday, May 10th

07:00 Breakfast
09:00  Morning prayer
09:30  Keynote: Dr Tim Hutchings
Automatic Jesus: The Gospel in Algorithmic Culture"
We are embedded today in digital systems that track and analyse our behaviour and preferences. That data is used to provide us with flexible, personalized experiences of engagement with brands, sites and products. Tim Hutchings will reflect on what algorithmic culture and the illusion of personal contact might mean for the Church and the Gospel, drawing on digital examples from politics and healthcare to the Bible.
10:30  Coffee break
11:00  Feedback
12:00  Journey blessing
12:30 Lunch

Tell-your-story sessions

These sessions are an opportunity for ECIC participants to learn from each others' practical experiences in web development, innovations and strategies. This year there will be 25 minutes for each session including discussion. Descriptions will be published here as of May 2nd, so that you can start thinking about which ones you would like to attend.


The evenings will allow opportunities to continue networking.