Opening Keynote:  Dr Jerzy Sojka, Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw


Theological reflexion on the public space engagement is one of the most important areas of activity of today’s churches. Contemporary Christians wonder how they can engage in public discourse in accordance with their values, and at the same time effectively. In the year of the anniversary of 500 years of the Reformation we want to look closer at which theological impulses for the engagement of the Christians in public space come from one of the Reformation’s traditions – Lutheranism growing from the Wittenberg Reformation.


Keynote: Piotr Baczynski, co-founder and CEO at Immersion (


Keynote: "Christians in Virtual Reality" by Prof. Wojciech Cellary,  Department of Information Technology  Poznan University of Economics ( )


In this talk, we first explain what Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are and we present some examples. We classify the VR/AR applications into: serious, for-fun and mixed, and we discuss their application areas. Then we ask a question how VR/AR will change a man in particular, a young man being native in VR/AR? We analyze sources of attractiveness of VR/AR, rules that are used in for-fun VR/AR applications, and the problem of evil in VR. Finally, we present some futuristic visions of VR (scaring) and conclusions.


Keynote:  “Preach to all everywhere and by all means”, by Dr Anna Miotk, Communication director at PBI (



Modern technologies are changing world, business and communication. Which tools and ideas can be used by religious organizations in spreading Good News? Where is the boundary between marketing of ideas and preaching Good News? Is it possible to proclaim the Gospel through technology, without personal contact with other people? 


Panel discussion on Wednesday: "Past, present and future - the Polish churches and the internet"

Panelists: father Pawel Kowalski SJ (,, Dariusz Bruncz (, Aleksander Wasyluk (Infinity Group,

Moderator: rev. Ralf Peter Reimann (Web Pastor at Evangelical Church in Rhineland)