2017 in Warsaw / Poland

 ECIC 22 will be in Poland from 25 to 28 April . Mark your calendars and plan to join the network! We are looking forward to another inspiring conference.

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Internet as Public Space

Extended Reality and Public Theology

Churches have always emerged in public places. Now, the digital world extends and pervades our world: Pokemon Go game, augmented reality apps, 3D games and instant messaging.
What are the possibilities for the church? How can we "extend" the world to bring our message to the people?
Christian voices have to make a contribution that is relevant and consistent with the Bible message in style and in content.
How does the lack of physical presence affect our empathy and our discourse…?
How could public theology and extended reality help us to give positive nudges to the more and more polarized world?

At the 22nd European Christian Internet Conference we will discuss these topics. It's a wonderful place to share expierences, projects and ideas.

Conference venue will be in Falenty near Warsaw: www.falenty.com.pl

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