ECIC 2 - Lancaster, UK

Establishment of a Network

The second European Christian Internet Conference was held 9-10 July 1997 at the University College of St Martin at Lancaster, England


Statement on the Future of European Christian Internet Conference (ECIC)

The group gathered in Lancaster at the ECIC II conference (9-10th July, 1997) decided that:

The next ECIC meeting (ECIC III) will be held in 1998 in The Netherlands.

The members of the steering committee of ECIC III will be:

    • Iain Morrison
    • Matthias Schnell
    • Klaus Stoll
    • Carla Vermin-Anderson
    • Jakob Vetsch-Thalmann

The ECIC II participants will support and cooperate with the work of GLOCAL on an individual basis.

The ECIC website will be continued and maintained by the steering committee. An e-mail directory of the ECIC II participants, their expertise, and a report on this ECIC II conference will be available as soon as possible.

The steering committee will continue the negotiations with World Association for Christian Communication (WACC). ECIC does not want to create their own independent structure but seeks to affiliate itself with WACC.

They will support the workshop proposals, facilitated by GLOCAL, on general IT training for the Eastern European countries in Hungary and a workshop on pastoral care in Switzerland.

The participants of ECIC affirm that ECIC has proved to be a fruitful and essential meeting for the exchange of information, experiences and ecumenical networking.