Programme ECIC 21

Between Angels and Trolls - a web of emotions

Does the web provide new possibilities for change, democracy, transparency and relationship?  Is the web also creating a culture of voyeurism and angry reactionaries? How can we create emotional content? How can we challenge the dark side of anonymity, and as Christians stand up against it? What consequences will this have and how can the Church benefit from communicating emotionally? How can we face these challenges creatively? Questions such as these will be discussed during ECIC 21. Come, be part of the conversation!

31 May - 3 June 2016


Details are subject to change.

 Tuesday, 31  May
 15:00 Registration, coffee and networking at the venue
 16:00 Opening Prayer
 16:45 Welcome and introductions
 17:30 Opening Keynote: Peter Ljungstrand, Magnus Eriksson
 19:00 Dinner


 Wednesday, 1 June (open to local 1-day participants)
 8:00 Breakfast
 9:00 Morning prayer (Chapel)
 9:30 Keynote Gustav Martner: Emotions and Marketing
 10:30 coffee break
 11:00Keynote Gustav Martner: Emotions and Marketing
 12:00 Tell your story 1/2/3
 12:30 Lunch
 14:00 Tell your story 4/5/6
 14:30 Tell your story  7/8/9
 Coffee break
 16:00 Workshop Gustav Martner
 17:30 Reflection
 19:00 Dinner

Tell your storyTell your storyTell your story


 Thursday, 2 June (excursion)
 8:00 Breakfast
 9:00 Morning Prayer
 9:30Keynote Charlotte Frycklund
 10:15 Coffee break
 10:30 Tell your story 10/11/12
 11:00 Annual meeting
 12:00 Lunch
 13:00Bus to Gothenburg
 14:00Visit at Interactive Institute, Sightseeing tour in town / free time
 23:00Bus to Ljungskile folkhögskola

Tell your story


 Friday, 3 June
 9:00Morning prayer
 9:30Keynote: Timothy Hutchings
 12:00Journey blessing
 12:30 Lunch

Tell-your-story sessions

These sessions comprise a series of presentations from ECIC members detailing innovations, developments and web strategies. This year there will be 30 minutes for each presentation including discussion.


Wednesday 12:00  

  1. Klara Roxberg, Bo Erlandsson: Online councelling for young people where they are, A long time project
    room: Ulvön
  2. Simon Lampenius: Luthercraft - a place in Minecraft on the Fisucraft-server
    room: Hasselön
  3. Annegret Kapp: How do we make our constituency feel part of our story?
    room: Fräknefjorden

Wednesday 14:00

  1. Anna Yngvesson: Relaunch 
    room: Ulvön
  2. Christian Grund Sørensen: Persuasion & Worldview - Ph.d.dissertation on indirect evangelism
    room: Hasselön
  3. Miklós Geyer: Presentation and development of the App “Play bible” for children
    room: Fräknefjorden

Wednesday 14:30

  1. Wolfgang Loest: insights into a youth-driven Advent calendar on Snapchat
    room: Ulvön
  2. Christian Steffenson: ChurchDesk
    room: Hasselön
  3. Peter Reimann: 1. Open Data, Open Content, Open Source Softwae and the theology of St. Augustine 2. Racism in social media and possible christian responses 
    room: Fräknefjorden

Thursday 10:30

Samuli Suonpää: racism and hate-speech in social media
room: Hasselön
Julia Abebe, Lari Lohikoski: Findings of the new web-system (CMS) in Finland 
room: Ulvön


The evenings will allow opportunities to continue networking – Swedish style!