ECIC 6 - Copenhagen, Denmark

In the city of the Little Mermaid - the sixt conference

The Sixth European Christian Internet Conference was held in Copenhagen, the lively capital of Denmark in June 14 - 16, 2001.


The conference was hosted by The Danish Deaconess Foundation and Danish Folk Church. The Conference venue was the beautiful old building owned by The Danish Deaconess Foundation in Fredriksberg and it offered an fancy historical breath and modern IT in same time.

Between hard work, lectures and workshops, participants had nice field trip to the royal castle and Strøget, very famous walking street in the middle of Copenhagen.


Participants had also opportunity to visit in Tivoli, the famous amusing park in the middle of Copenhagen. It have many attractions and time really flew inside this beautifull park. Small cruise gave opportunity to see this tiny loved character of Hans Christian Anderssen, The Little Mermaid. Naturally participants were able to taste also famous herring and danish sandwitches.