Annual Meeting ECIC #23 2018

For the PDF-version of the meeting notes, you can download it here.

Report of the board

The focus of the board during the last year has been on preparing this years ECIC. Most of the work has been done by the local organizers Ruth Morris and Emma Holland.

The board of the last year has been: president Annegret Kapp, communications officer Agnieszka Tarnogórska, treasurer Sami Kallioinen and notetaker David Silverkors.

Financial report and audit

Treasurer Sami Kallioinen: It is a very simple financial report this time. Sixty linesin total, and most of them are your payments for the conference. We got att bit more than 11.000 euros in our account, and we ended with about 700 euros less.

We don’t need that much money in our account, but we do have to have about 5-6.000 euros in backup to run the conferences smoothly.

The conference in Poland was very well balanced, so this year we decided to reduce the amount the conference cost in relation to it’s costs. To lower the amount of money in the account.

Ulrika Wippel and Ralf Peter Reiman have reviewed the records. They find the positive cash flow to be positive and maybe a possibility to invite more people from other countries with the funds. That is food for thought for coming conferences. They thanked for the good work of the board and specifically the treasurer.


Nominees: Christoph Breit, Ivars Kupcis and Titti Kallio.

Christoph: Would like to help out the network going. The network has been a great gift to him and he wants to help out. The bavarian church thinks he could be part of the board to continue the work.

Titti: I am the finnish-speaking one. Have always worked with technology and human beings. Started to work for the Church of Finland 2013. The communications department is supporting her being on the board.

Ivars: Currently work on the communications team on WCC. Background in communications. Work with trying to find the right people for the right task. Views ECIC as inspiring and interesting. Would like to help out trying to open up communications and participation from smaller churches as well.

Volunteers for counting the votes: Ruth Morris and Emma Holland.

Titti and Ivars have been elected.

Membership fee

25 € institutional membership fee; personal membership fee included in the conference fee. The decision is to keep it that way.

Future conferences

For 2019, Christian Roar Pedersen together with the diocese of Aarhus, Denmark, is inviting us to Denmark. The decision is to go to Denmark.

Cologne may be the place for the conference in 2020.

Concerns were raised about churches in southern Europe and to help them participate as well. Communications is key, in this question.

The length of the conference may be an issue, three days may be a bit long. One suggestion is to make it one day shorter.

Posting the dates of the conference earlier is important.

A promotion plan should be in place for the coming conference. One example is to share more in the Facebook Group.