Programme ECIC 22

Internet as Public Space

Extended Reality and Public Theology

Churches have always emerged in public places. Now, the digital world extends and pervades our world: Pokemon Go game, augmented reality apps, 3D games and instant messaging.
What are the possibilities for the church? How can we "extend" the world to bring our message to the people?
Christian voices have to make a contribution that is relevant and consistent with the Bible message in style and in content.
How does the lack of physical presence affect our empathy and our discourse…?
How could public theology and extended reality help us to give positive nudges to the more and more polarized world?


25 - 28 April 2017


Details are subject to change.

  Tuesday, 25 April
 15:00  Registration, coffee and networking at the venue
 16:00  Opening Prayer
 16:30  Welcome and introductions
 17:30  Opening Keynote:  Dr Jerzy Sojka, Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw
 19:00  Dinner


  Wednesday, 26 April (open to local 1-day participants)
 8:00  Breakfast
 9:00  Morning prayer (Chapel)
 9:30  Keynote: Piotr Baczynski, co-founder and CEO at Immersion
 10:30  coffee break
 11:00 Panel discussion: "Past, present and future - the Polish churches and the internet"
 12:00  Tell your story 1/2
 13:00  Lunch
 14:00  Tell your story 3/4
 14:30  Tell your story 5/6
 15:30 Coffee break
 16:00  Tell your story 7/8  
 16:30  Tell your story 9/10
 17:30 reflection
 19:00  Dinner
Tell your storyTell your storyTell your story


  Thursday, 27 April (excursion)
 8:00  Breakfast
 9:00  Morning Prayer
 9:30 Keynote: "Christians in Virtual Reality" by Prof. Wojciech Cellary
 10:30  Coffee break
 11:00  2017 projects exhibition
 12:00  Annual meeting
 12:30  Lunch
 13:30 Visit in town / Academy / free time
 19:30 Dinner
 21:30 Bus to venue


  Friday, 28 April
 8:00 Breakfast
 9:00 Morning prayer
 9:30 Keynote:  “Preach to all everywhere and by all means”, by Dr Anna Miotk 
 11:00 Feedback
 11:45 Journey blessing
 12:30  Lunch


Tell-your-story sessions

These sessions comprise a series of presentations from ECIC members detailing innovations, developments and web strategies. This year there will be 30 minutes for each presentation including discussion.


Here is the programme as PDF-Document



2017 projects exhibition

2017 is the 500th anniversary of the reformation. If you / your church has a special project in this year, please present it with a poster or exhibit in our exhibition on Thursday, 11 o'clock.



The evenings will allow opportunities to continue networking – Polish style!


Visit in Warsaw

On Thursday we leave falenty at 1.30 PM and travel on the bus to the centre of Warsaw. We visit Christian Academy of Theology in Warsaw ( and meet some students there. Together with them we can exercise our imagination in group workshop: "Use your imagination now" - Augmented Reality and the Churches.


After the meeting we split into two groups. First group visits the Old Town (45 minutes walk), second goes to the Masovian Voivodeship Miniature Park ( to experience virtual reality scenes recreated of different views from around the Saski Palace in Warsaw ( Two groups meet at the miniature park. First group continues there, second experiences Old Town. 

After that part of the programme you can use your free time till 7.30 PM.

At 7:30 PM we meet at the Zapiecek Restaurant ( where we can try pierogies - Polish dumplings.

The bus back to Falenty is at 9:30 PM. If you stay in Warsaw you can come back with public transport or taxi. The last bus from P+R Aleja Krakowska is at 11.15 PM, the first in the morning at 4:15 AM.