ECIC 4 - Budapest, Hungary

The ECIC 4 - First time in Eastern Europe

The fourth conference was held in Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary. The conference was organized a little bit later in summer than previous ones, July 8-10, 1999. The conference location was the University of Lutheran Theology. The host was The Lutheran Church of Hungary.


Participants had great opportunity see and feel the great history of Hungary when visited in Hero's Square, Fishersmen's Fortress, Mathiass Church and the Royal Castle. The excellent guide, Mr István Leránt, told lively about historical sites and events during centuries.

All participants remember the very hard thunder which surprised all during the walk by Donau and destroyed the terrace of one restaurants. The rain was so heavy that participants have to escape to the cellar of the restaurant, which turned out a very cosy place for discussions. Participants also remember "a danish-hungarian table dance" in the restaurant called Robinsson located near Heroe's Square. This was the way how hussars drunk a toast. (by H.H Boerthy, Denmark).