ECIC 8 - M/S Viking Isabella, Helsinki/Stockholm, Finland/Sweden

The eight "floating" conference

8th European Christian Internet Conference was held in Helsinki, Stockholm and on Baltic Sea. M/S Viking Isabella, a real floating conference centre, took participants through beautiful finnish and swedish argipelagos. The conference was hosted by Christian Association fo Boys and Girls in Finland and the Finninsh Evangelical Lutheran Church.


The Conference started on Saturday May 30, 2003 in the Mission House of Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Helsinki. Participants had also opportunity to visit in Maunula Digital Church on Sunday June 1, 2003. After sunday service participants travelled to the harbour and started the floating part of the conference. They headed to Sweden by the ferry.

On Monday after arriving to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, participants had a lecture in the finnish church, located near the Royal Castle in the very heart of the old city. After nice walking trip through narrow alleys the old city  participants continued their conference on the ferry. After another northen white night conference was ended on the harbour of Helsinki.