2013 in Dublin

Tradition and innovation: the tensions of a maturing Internet

The eighteenth European Christian Internet Conference (ECIC) took place in Dublin, Ireland, 4 - 7 June 2013 . The theme of the conference was Tradition and innovation: the tensions of a maturing Internet. The conference presented an opportunity to consider whether the Internet is, in fact, like ECIC, coming of age and how experiences of being religious and human are enriched or challenged by experience of the virtual.

Colors in chapel

colors in chapel


Among the speakers at the conference was Heidi Campbell,  a longtime student both of communication and theology. Associate Professor of Communication at Texas A&M University, Heidi is the author of Exploring Religious Community Online (2005)  and  When Religion Meets New Media (2010). Her presentations and those of the other speakers, the participation of members of the ECIC network and the opportunities that Dublin offers made this an interesting and enriching conference.