European Christian Internet Conference in Cologne inspires churches to embrace the digital age

25-27 September, Cologne

Exploring the intersection of theology and technology in the churches today, 27th European Christian Internet Conference (ECIC) gathered digital communicators from churches across Europe in Cologne, Germany this week.

With the theme “Embracing the Digital Age: The Intersection of Theology and Technology in Today's Church”, the annual ECIC conference explored what it means to be a church in the digital age, how churches can establish a reliable and impactful presence on digital platforms, and what are the challenges for the churches’ missional identity at a time of war.

After being held online for the last two years, the ECIC conference in Cologne gathered digital communicators and pastors working with communication from churches in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Switzerland and Ukraine. Participants of the conference learned from each other, discussing the engagement of churches in the digital platforms in their countries and sharing their most recent work.


Topics of discussions included strategies for leveraging technology to deepen faith and connect with congregants, the accuracy and accessibility of the church content in the digital age, using data to increase church presence & visibility, and how to navigate the challenges of artificial intelligence.

The European Christian Internet Conference (ECIC), established over 20 years ago, brings together a diverse array of digital professionals - from online pastors, digital strategists and content creators, to web and social media managers and beyond. They represent a broad spectrum of churches and Christian organizations, reflecting the many expressions of Christianity across the continent.

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