About us

ECIC - The European Christian Internet Conference

Fostering Exchange and Collaboration in the Digital Age


In a world where technology increasingly mediates our social interactions, churches and spiritual communities are embracing the digital realm to facilitate connections, share perspectives, promote understanding, and learn from one another. Founded over two decades ago, the ECIC is not just a yearly conference - it's a vibrant network of technologically savvy, faith-driven individuals from various churches across Europe.

The ECIC brings together a range of individuals who work with the internet in various capacities. These include online pastors, digital strategists, content creators, and social media managers, among others. They come from a diverse array of Christian churches and organizations, demonstrating the multiple ways in which Christianity is practiced in Europe. This diversity enables members to benefit from each other's experiences and insights.

Annually, ECIC members convene for a multi-day conference. Here, they discuss the latest developments and trends at the crossroads of Christianity and digital technology. These conferences include speeches from experts in the field, interactive workshops, and ample opportunities for networking and collaboration. A significant part of these conferences are the 'Tell Your Story' sessions. During these sessions, everyone is encouraged to share their current projects and receive feedback from their peers.

If you are engaged in internet-related activities for a church or Christian organization, consider becoming a part of this dynamic and innovative community. Registration is currently open for the forthcoming ECIC conference in Cologne. This is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the future of Christianity in the digital era.

If you have questions or need additional information, please send a message to the ECIC board.