ECIC #27 (2023) is happening soon!

Embracing the Digital Age: The Intersection of Theology and Technology in Today's Church

September 25th to 27th, 2023 - the ECIC 2023 conference in Cologne


ECIC - The European Christian Internet Conference
Fostering Exchange and Collaboration in the Digital Age

In a world where technology increasingly mediates our social interactions, churches and spiritual communities are embracing the digital realm to facilitate connections, share perspectives, promote understanding, and learn from one another. Founded over two decades ago, the ECIC is not just a yearly conference - it's a vibrant network of technologically savvy, faith-driven individuals from various churches across Europe.

The ECIC brings together a diverse array of digital professionals - from web pastors, digital strategists, and content creators, to social media managers and beyond. They represent a broad spectrum of churches and Christian organizations, reflecting the many expressions of Christianity across the continent. This diversity is a powerful asset, enabling members to learn from each other's experiences and gain new perspectives.

Each year, ECIC members convene for a multi-day conference to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities at the intersection of Christianity and digital technology. These conferences feature keynote presentations from leading voices in the field, interactive workshops, and ample opportunities for networking and collaboration. A notable highlight is the 'Tell Your Story' sessions, where everyone has the opportunity to share what they're working on and receive feedback from colleagues.


If you're involved in web-related activities of a church or a Christian organization, consider joining this dynamic and innovative network. Sign up for the upcoming ECIC Cologne Conference, and become part of the future of Christianity in the digital age.


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