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Registration at a WCC event in Evanston, United States, in 1949

You can now register for ECIC19. The conference will take place  2-5 June 2014 at the Ecumenical Institute of the World Council of Churches at Bossey, Switzerland.

Take advantage of a special early registration price of €490 by booking before 15 March. 

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Shaped by our Tools: Effects of Modern Media

Ciarán McMahon described to ECIC participants some features of cyberspace, as well as its effects on the human mind. A key message of the lecture was to highlight the virtual reality as a unique operational context rather than as a mediated fantasy land. Cyberspace was described as a reality with its own inherent rules and characteristics. This all is shaping who we are as humans both online and offline, face-to-face. The person you are online is not necessarily the same as you are offline.

Is Social Media guided by the Common Sense?

Ethics in social media, workshop information blanket

The workshop on Ethics in Social Media gathered together on a sunny Wednesday afternoon in Dublin. Ralf Peter Reimann, the facilitator of the workshop came up with three relevant topics of discussion, which the group commented on and prioritized, subsequently adding a fourth one. (Votes In quantity.)

My Story – Online Counselling

Sigurdur Hafthorsson, communication officer of the church of Sweden had a presentation on the online counseling. He told about the road of the church to online crisis counseling services.
Church of Sweden's online crisis counselling service is reaching out to people where they are at. Suicide prevention is the main task.

The goal is that Church of Sweden is active in digital media. Counseling is available for all Swedish speakers in the internet.

My Story - Blogging Church President

Peter Reimann told us a story - about their blogging president of the Reformed (United) Rhineland, from Germany. He presented his sotry in a Tublr blogpost, which was really nice concerning this occasion. (

The very first and important statement was that bishop or church president must engage in Social Media activities.

Keep calm and innovate on!

We were privileged to have had Heidi Campbell, Associate Professor at the Department of Communication at Texas A&M University as the keynote speaker at ECIC in Dublin 2013. On Friday Heidi presented to us her final reflections on our days together for the conference. She described how much the Digital Landscape has changed in recent years, evolving more and more towards the mobile revolution and use of smart phones.

No Internet without Augustine

“The job of an historian is not to make the past familiar but to make the present strange”  said Ciarán Mc Mahon as an introduction to his lecture at #ECIC18.

The lecture will be made available online [I will insert the link when this is done], there is no need for me to rephrase the presentation.