Speakers at ECIC #24

Published on Fri, 15 Feb 2019 04:55


Here we present this years speakers, a couple of speakers are yet to be added.

Peter Svarre 

Teacher at The Danish School of Journalist. He is Director of Digital Strategy at In2Media and Director of Marketing at Bang and Olufsen. He has just published a book about robots 


Peter Øhrstrøm

Professor at Aalborg University, Department of Communication & Psychology. Peter Øhrstrøm has published a number of books and articles on the concept of time, on logic and argumentation, and on ethics (including ethical reasoning). In addition, he has dealt with issues concerning the relationship between faith and knowledge.

Kadri Kaska

Kadri Kaska

Kadri Kaska is a cybersecurity policy and legal researcher at a NATO-affiliated research and knowledge hub, the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) located in Tallinn, Estonia. For over ten years, she has studied actors and activities in cyberspace as well as national cybersecurity strategies and governance models. She has been involved in the drafting of Estonia’s national cybersecurity strategy and legislation, and participated in both NATO and EU policy development in the matter. Her track record also includes cyber threat and risk assessments, including authoring Estonia's annual public cybersecurity assessments. 

Kadri’s driving research interest is understanding societal resilience in the digital era. She holds a MA in law from the University of Tartu, Estonia.

Mathias Grund Sørensen

M.Sc. cum Laude in Computer Science, Aalborg University. Previous he was Special  Consultant at National Cyber Crime Center (NC3), Danish National Police and software developer at Uber.

Ellen Aagaard Petersen

Editor of folkekirken.dk, the official website of The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark.

Ellen Aagaard Petersen is a theologian and has worked as a pastor for 11 years in the Danish church. Master of Rethoric and Communication 2009, Master of Public Governance 2018 and for more than ten years editor of folkekirken.dk, leading various communication activities of the danish church - from website, Social Media channels, podcast productions to organizing representation of the church at large national events such as 'Folkemødet', a yearly political festival.

Strategic Communication Almost 75 % of the population are members of The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark. The church is lutheran, but also 'the Peoples Church' - broad and proud of its theological and political diversity. It has no national bord, no arch bishop or synod. No one can speak on behalf the church, every one is free to speak for her- og himself as a christian; be it members, pastors or bishops. Technologies and digital media are indifferent for the church, have we no clear strategy and goal for our communication. Our communication is untrustworthy does it not reflect who we are. So how do we communicate on behalf of our church? How do we work with strategies, target groups and goals?

Henrik Schärfe

Autonomy and Ethics in Computers and Robots. Henrik Schärfe Ph.d., M.a. CEO Autonomous Foundation, prev. professor at Aalborg University, TED-talk speaker

In the image of who? A Christian perspective towards singularity and transhumanism. Professor Peter Øhrstrøm, D.Sc., Ph.D., M.Sc.  Aalborg University

Morten Thomsen Højsgaard  

Head of Innovation at the Christian Daily, which is the fastest growing newspaper in Denmark. Morten has a PhD from the University of Copenhagen on the subject of Religious Encounters in Digital Networks. He has co-edited the book "Religion and Cyberspace" published by Routledge as well. For more than 15 years, he has been working with digital communication in combination with cultural affairs and church issues. At this ECIC conference. Morten will speak about "Faith in the News or Fake News".

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